Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The L Word Season 3 Accomplished...

I finally completed The L Word Season 3 last night (28th June). Remember I mentioned how I was hesitant about watching Season 3 'cos it seemed like it was all dark and gloomy, and how I hated shows like that? Well, last Sunday, I finally plucked up enough courage, gathered enough impulse and started playing Episode 1.. on my Real Player. And guess what.. I didn't stop playing.. didn't stop watching.. until I was at Episode 8. And by then, it was 5am in the wee hours of the night. I felt like a total zombie on Monday, and basically dozed thru' work. I couldn't resist playing Episode 9 before I went to bed on Tuesday.. and finally, I finished the remaining episodes after dinner yesterday on Wednesday.

And, you know something? It wasn't so bad, really.. it wasn't as gloomy.. as ridiculous.. as how I had expected it to be. True, there were indeed bad stuff.. bad things happening, but still, it wasn't entirely that bad. There were always some bright sparks amidst the darkness.. and I caught 'em.

Alice devastated me from the beginning. I like Alice a lot.. (hahah, who doesn't?). She and Dana were my stars in Season 2 with their best-friends-turned-lovers relationship. I felt sad that Dana and her had to break up.. and yes, I do resent Lara a lil' 'cos she she got back together with Dana at Al's expense. Actually, I should be resenting Dana instead of Lara perhaps.. but I didn't.. guess it's 'cos I already knew Dana wasn't gonna be around much longer.

And in the midst of Al's depression and craziness, Helena Peabody shone. She was one of the brightest sparks for me in Season 3.. one of the stars. Whilst Bette and Tina were all caught up with fighting with each other, with loving and taking care of Angelica.. Shane giving a shot at integrating herself into Carmen's family and other stuff.. Jenny back home and away from the scene.. Helena was the one who was comforting Alice.. accompanying her and stuff. And I so like Helena for it. Back in Season 2, she was the evil one.. trying to snatch Tina away from Bette.. being the rich, difficult and arrogant bitch. Yeah, I had wished she didn't have to appear then.. seducing Tina and making life so hard for Bette. But her presence this season was a good one.. a pleasant surprise and I love her for it. And I'm not sure, if it's just me.. but I thought Helena looked really gorgeous this season.

You know, for some reason I'm not able to explain myself.. I've always had a soft spot for Tina since Season 1. I like the rest of them too, but I just have a softer spot for Tina. Maybe it's 'cos she's Bette's girlfriend and I love her 'cos Bette loves her too.. or maybe I admire her for still loving Bette even though Bette can be such a self-centered monster at times as we were all able to see for ourselves. Anyway, I didn't like Tina so much this season after she decided to bat for the other team.. especially towards the end when she was so totally into Henry. It pained me that there didn't seem to be much efforts shown on Tina's part to attempt to work on her relationship with Bette. Rather, she seemed determined to keep her distance.. in fact, I even thought I sensed a distaste for Bette in Tina.

So somewhere somehow.. at one point, I decided that Bette would be better off without Tina. Now, I'm definitely one of those Bette-Tina fans who would really really love for Ilene Chaiken and Team to patch them both back nicely together.. you know, especially now that they even have Angelica in the picture. But really, Bette's been miserable enough in two and a half seasons and definitely deserves to see the light again. Maybe they might have a shot at it again years down the road, but I definitely think both of them deserve a break from each other in Season 4. The pained expression on Bette's face.. and the hardened, impatient, eye-rolling look on Tina's face.. it would absolutely kill me (yes, no kidding!) to see them at each other's throats again in Season 4. There's really no point in them bringing out the worst in each other's personalities and wearing each other down on the screen if they're not gonna be the lovey-dovey role-model lesbian couple that so many of us would love them to be. Which brings me to one of the reasons why I decided I will continue to remain an L Word fan...

Actually, one of the things that pushed me to want to watch Season 3 is 'cos in one of those spoilers that I'm desperately training myself to merely-glance-'thru'-and-not-read, Bette meets a new woman in Season 4 and appears to get a new lease of romantic life. And that was one lil' thing that made me decide that yes, I will watch Season 4 'cos I want to see Bette becoming happy again. Therefore in order for me to be able to watch Season 4, I have to watch Season 3. Sounds weird perhaps, but it is important for me to view things in order. I can't ever watch something ahead without tracing its origins.. something like that.

Before I go on.. I have to say that I started penning this post on Thursday (29th June) when urge overpowered my laziness.. and I actually started typing. But the lazy demons in me eventually took over and obviously I didn't finish this post. Now it's Saturday already.. and in between these two days, I actually re-run a couple of episodes.. mainly 'cos I wanted to check out Alexandra Hedison again in the series, heheh. Gawd, she's gorgeous and so hot.. in such an androgynous way! Anyway, during those re-runs, I kinda realise that Tina and Bette weren't entirely at each other's throats ALL the time, just most of the time. There were still momentary glimpses of tenderness, but honestly they would hardly have been discernible if one wasn't lookin' out for them. Sigh, tragic. And okay, this just flashed across in front of my eyes moments ago.. what Bette and Tina lacked in their relationship is the element of respect.. yeah.. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It might have been there before, I don't know.. but no longer.

Oh, can I say I don't like Moira.. I don't like Max? No, and it's not 'cos he's transgendered. I have a personal friend who's transgendered himself.. and so I guess I do know a lil' about the difficulties of being one. I haven't quite figured out why I don't like him yet, except that I didn't like the way he treated Jenny. Okie, I also think he's kinda insecure, and that probably makes him edgy.. and overly-defensive, but then again, knowing the reasons for the behavior I don't like, does not really mean I have to accept his behavior and therefore like him, right? Oh well, actually perhaps at the end of the day, it might just boil down to feelings.. and many a times, we can't quite put a finger to feelings right?

Anyway, now that I've completed watching Season 3, I can't wait for Season 4. But meanwhile, I guess I can still bear to watch re-runs of certain parts of Season 3, a thought that definitely never crossed my mind before. Now, I'm not saying Season 3 is fantastic, nay.. I still feel Season 1's best.. but then there are certainly some scenes in there I kinda savor, so while Season 4's not out yet.. I'll just have to make do. Perhaps you could give it a try too.. and who knows, you might just find a terrible storyline in there that didn't seem so terrible afterall.. :)

*this post was written over the course of the past couple of weeks, reason being i'm just not focused enough to pen this at one shot. i have dozed off, drifted off to doing something else, etc.. while writing this.. hahaha.. ;p*


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