Monday, May 15, 2006

Stuck And Procrastinating..

I'm beginning to find this blog kinda tough to run. Not 'cos I have no more materials to put in here anymore, rather it's the opposite. There are tons of ideas and subject matter within the cranky walls of my head that I can put in here, but the problem is I don't have sufficient time to do this. Gathering and sorting out materials to get them fit for publishing here require extensive blocks of time and I don't have them, not at least till next weekend. Right now, I only have squirts of time.. time enough only for me to pen my rantings about my-not-having-enough-time.. entries like this one.

Anyway, initially when I decided to do this blog, the first character I wanted to cover was Dana Fairbanks (played by Erin Daniels) from The L Word. Mainly to commemorate her cruel recent departure from the series due to her succumbing to breast cancer in Season 3. But I decided to hold it for a while, 'cos the truth is, I haven't been able to bring myself to complete watching Season 3 yet. I have been procrastinating, 'cos I'm a sucker for happy storylines.. or at least happy endings.. and from what I've heard and read and seen.. Season 3 of The L Word is nothing remotely like it. And with Tina turning straight, Dana dying, Shane backing out of her wedding with Carmen.. I'm really not quite sure if I want to complete watching Season 3.

Well, I have another six months at least to procrastinate.. or perhaps even swear off The L Word altogether if the spoilers for Season 4 that spill out during this time continue to paint a dark gloomy picture. It would be so depressing for me 'cos you know, I really enjoyed The L Word.. especially its 1st season. And it really was THE series for me, at least until Season 3.

Sad. So, will Ilene Chaiken please remember that it really doesn't hurt to give her audience a happier and more hope-giving L Word? The world is really sad enough from all the news we read and hear, we really wouldn't mind watching doses of pink-rosey happy stories emerging from the tv-box. I certainly wouldn't.


  1. I love your blog. As a concept and a layout! I must work on the look of my blog one day soon. It's a mess! :-) Keep up the good work!

  2. thank you, i'm glad you like it. but i need to keep it updated. your blog looks nice too.. plenty of pics and colors. it's lively! :)
    keep coming back!

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  4. ohmagosh... L word season 4 is out?

  5. no baby^pumpkin, season 4 is not out yet.. season 3 is out though (not the dvd, but the show itself in the states). season 4 should be airing sometime in jan/feb next year (2004).